Like many children of influential and respected parents, "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" is a spoiled brat that adds very little to the family legacy.
Sure, it looks and sounds great, the gameplay is smooth and developers Infinity Ward did a thorough job improving on all the flaws of the original. There is so much polish on this first-person shooter that it is positively blinding. But the game ultimately feels hollow - despite all the advancements, "Modern Warfare 2" doesn't bring anything new or particularly compelling to the table.
The game is split between three main modes: the single-player story campaign, the two-player cooperative Special Operations mode and the general online multiplayer mode.The sequel boasts better map designs, enhanced visuals, a more robust class system and plenty of other tweaks. The features set of the original remains largely intact. There is nothing groundbreaking here - if you enjoyed the first installment's multiplayer, you will be pleased with this one.
The new Special Operations mode is the highlight of the game. Intended for two players working together, both online or split-screen, SpecOps is a 23-mission arcade challenge that is thoroughly addictive, and its emphasis on cooperative play is extremely well-implemented. As a total package, particularly in light of the well-implemented SpecOps mode, "Modern Warfare 2" raises the bar ever so slightly, but it doesn't come close to redefining the genre the way its predecessor did.If you're lucky enough not to be one of the millions of people to make the game a record-breaking best seller, you'll have the opportunity in a couple of months to buy one of the best games in the used bin.

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