Rolls Royce's Ghost coming to India in 2010

British super-luxury car manufacturer Rolls Royce unveiled an all-new, premium saloon model — the Ghost — priced at about Rs 2.5 crore. It will come to India in the second quarter of 2010.

Two months after its international debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, the Ghost comes to India. This car is smaller and lighter by 190 kg than its big brother, the Phantom, and is priced at Rs 2.5 crore. The four-door saloon is powered by a 6.6 litre V12 engine and does 100 kmph in less than five seconds.
The company says that the Ghost is more informal and casual than the phantom — more like an everyday car. It took four and a half years in developing this car and the interiors of the car use Malabar wood sourced from Kerala.

The BMW group company expects to sell about 50-60 units of the Ghost in 2010 although delivery would take three-four months.

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