Should Employees Be Loyal To Their Employers...

A question which haunts both employers and employees, should they trust each other or not? As said an employee may love his employer, but can't say when employers may show him the door out. Change is a big challenge for both employer and employee.
From an employers prospective is any of his employee quits, he need to find a suitable candidate for the same post as early as possible. With each passing day employer is loosing on business, which can't continue for long. Even when they find a new person for the post, he may also take sometime to understand about the firm and operation to know it in a better way.
For employees joining a new firm is always a challenge because they need to adjust with many new things like place, people, their cabin, working pattern and many others. On top of that they have immense pressure to perform well for retaining their job. If a new employee is not able to perform well within specified period of time, he may be thrown out.
Even then both employees and employers are willing to ditch each other at any given point of time, why? Answer to this question may come out with concrete solution to one of the major problem of the organization. But to reach up to an y conclusion both parties need to compromise on few things, that can happen only then when an employee starting think from the perspective of employer and vice versa.
"Loyalty can't be bought by money, it has to be earned" this is one thing which both employer and employees need to keep in mind. That's the reason why few employees are not willing to part with their current employer even if they get good package outside.
What have you decided to stick on or move further? Any decision be cautious and firm about it.

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