Vodafone Unveils World's Cheapest Mobile Phones

Users who have been searching for a mobile phone with a lighter price tag may now put a full-stop to it. Vodafone has just slid the cloak of its most affordable ultra low cost phones entitled the Vodafone 150 and Vodafone 250.

Both the devices offer unprecedented voice and SMS services, as well as support for mobile payment services. The two handsets share most specification features, but Vodafone 250 differs from 150 due to its FM radio and a slightly larger color screen.Engraved in a decent design, these units ensure to offer users the ultimate quality and safety. Releasing in the first instance in India and six markets in Africa – The Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Mozambique, Qatar, South Africa and Tanzania – the devices step in as a powerful social enabler.
“The cost of mobile handsets can be one of the most significant barriers for people in accessing and benefiting from the growing number of socially valuable mobile services. The lives of people who use these phones – the Vodafone 150 and Vodafone 250 – will be changed and improved as they become part of the mobile society. I am proud of the work we have done and will continue to do in this critical area of customer empowerment,” explained Patrick Chomet, Vodafone’s Group Director of Terminals.

To maximize the availability of the phones across countries with sizeable and isolated rural populations, the launches will be endured by an extensive logistics infrastructure, reaching deep rural segments where mobile penetration typically remains low.The Vodafone 150 will retail unsubsidized at below $15 and the Vodafone 250 will retail unsubsidized at below $20, depending on the local market.

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