Oil your way to Gorgeous Hair

To oil or not to oil is a question many ask. Tradition shows that regular oil massage actually benefits hair health. Despite new-fangled products, hair oils to this day remain a major part of an Indian woman's daily hair-care regime. According to Trichologist, Dr Apoorva Shah, regular oil massages stimulate hair growth as blood circulation to the roots get better leading to strong roots and better hair regeneration.

"Using the right kinds of hair oils can help you in dealing with scalp problems like dandruff, alopecia, and itchiness. Since it is a well-known moisturiser, it keeps the scalp soothed, and reduces split ends," he adds. Most hair-care experts agree that whatever be the texture of your hair, it is necessary to massage in some oil at least once a week to keep the scalp in good condition.

If you have normal scalp, coconut oil is your best option. On hot summer days, it also helps cool down the head. For dry hair, apply almond or castor oil on the scalp. Castor oil is thick and it enhances the hair growth. Along with almond oil, it nourishes the hair. Almond oil is rich in vitamin E, which is good for dry dehydrated scalp.
Five steps to apply oil

Aesthetician and aromatherapist Dr Blossom Kocchar says, "Hair oil should be applied in the right manner in order to derive maximum benefits. Massaging oil into the scalp stimulates the scalp and activates the hair follicles, which leads to better hair growth. Hot oil treatment if carried out appropriately gives amazing results."

Step 1: Always use hot to warm oil. Hot oil penetrates better than oil that is at room temperature. So heat the oil in a small bowl over a low flame.

Step 2: Now use a cotton ball to apply oil on the scalp. Remember the oil should be applied to the scalp and not to hair. Part your hair in sections to apply oil on the scalp.

Step 3: Use your fingers to massage the scalp in a circular motion. Don't pull the roots of hair while massaging.

Step 4: Wrap a hot towel around your head, remove it after 8 to 10 minutes. Repeat this procedure at least 3 to 4 times. It not only benefits the hair, but also relaxes the body and mind.

Step 5: When washing off the oil, do not pour shampoo directly on the scalp. Mix shampoo with water in a glass and then pour it over your head, or pour it on palm and smooth it in. Massage your scalp well even while shampooing and finish off with a light conditioner.

Do's and don'ts for great hair

While massaging the scalp with the right kind of oil is good, avoid keeping it on your hair for a long period of time. This can have an adverse affect - instead of enhancing the hair texture, it could deteriorate it. The oil attracts dust particles that could result in an infection or dandruff. People with oily scalp should not leave the oil for more than 2 hours as this could lead to acne.


- Try hot oil massage once a week.

- Apply oil on the scalp rather than the length of the hair.

- Leave the oil on overnight to moisturise the scalp.

- Do a 'steam-towel-wrap' once in a while, if your cuticles are damaged, as this steaming opens out the cuticles and hair shaft absorbs the oil for enhanced smoothness.

- Do not leave unwashed hair with oil for days if your schedule demands increased exposure to the sun and dust. Oil attracts dust, and rays can dry your hair faster.

- Do not apply excess oil on the hair length, as that leads to using more shampoo than necessary resulting in the strands getting drier.

- Avoid massaging with oil if your scalp is oily.

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