Sony VAIO L touchscreen multipurpose PC unveiled

Sony has announced the Vaio L series all-in-one PC. It is an “ultimate multi-media hub” that serves as PC, HDTV and DVR.It provides different functionality.The VAIO L has built-in digital NTSC/ATSC TV tuner and DVR capabilities.The Sony VAIO L series All-in-One comes boasts a 24-inch wide touchscreen HD display with 1920×1080p resolution, which offers a great user comfort and convenience for view photos, camcorder clips, movie on blu-ray and more in Full HD.

Sony VAIO L All-in-one PC is powered by 2.7GHz Intel Pentium Dual Core CPU, 4GB of RAM (expandable up to 12GB), a 320GB hard drive. The system offers a choice for an NVIDIA GeForce GT 240M 1GB graphics chip, or the GeForce G210M 512MB GPU. Other various features of the VAIO L are WiFi 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth, a Blu-ray drive, HDMI, a face-tracking webcam, a DVD burner, Gigabit Ethernet LAN port, built-in IR receiver, Memory Stick card slot, SD card slot and the option of up to 1TB of built-in storage. It will come loaded with Microsoft Windows 7.
The other notable features of this PC include Media Gallery, Vaio Movie Story and Music player with SenseMe technology. The L series PC comes with a wireless keyboard. This keyboard flaunts a dedicated Vaio button that launches the Media Gallery.The price is expected to begin from $1299.99

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