Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 Available Now

Set your ideas free

Create what you can imagine, build on the strengths of your team, and open up new possibilities.
  • New prototyping, modeling, and visual design tools enable you to create innovative applications for Windows and the Web
  • Create a shared vision as a foundation for creativity with SketchFlow ,in Microsoft Expression® Studio , and Team Foundation Server
  • Take advantage of new opportunities & capabilities offered by multi-core programming and cloud development tools

Simplicity through integration

A single integrated development environment that takes your skills further and adjusts to the way you work.
  • Complete all your coding, modeling, testing, debugging, and deployment work without leaving the Visual Studio 2010 environment
  • Use existing standards and skills to target a growing number of application types including Microsoft SharePoint® and Windows® Azure™
  • Work your way through multi-monitor support, partner extensions, and a new editor.

Quality tools help ensure quality results

Powerful testing tools with proactive project management features help you build the right app the right way.
  • Use the new IntelliTrace debugger to isolate the point of failure within a recorded application history.
  • Stay ahead of the curve with proactive project management tools including new reports, dashboards, and planning worksheets.
  • Know that you’ve built the right application the right way with manual and automated testing tools.

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