Panasonic 152 inch Plasma Flat Panel Tv

A plasma HDTV 152 inches large measured diagonally. 6.5 feet tall, 11.5-feet wide. The size of nine 50-inch sets. And it's real. Panasonic was using it to demo its 3D inside a presentation room, and a factory to mass produce them will be online in about a year.

What was showing were several ultra high-def clips in a format called 4K, which is technically 4096 x 2160 pixels - that's 8 million pixels, four times the resolution of today's puny 1920 x 1080p 2 million pixel displays. It even has a wider 17:9 aspect ratio.

No word on price, but there is a market for this beyond the Sultan of Brunei - commercial settings, Hollywood studios, small theaters, for instance. But five, 10 years from now, our walls could very well be adorned with a screen this size - or it could be the wall. Remember, 10 years ago, a then huge 50-inch panel cost $15,000.

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