Noida school turns into a bar in evenings

The Sector 12 Government Junior Middle School in Noida has turned into an abode for anti-social elements who drink alcohol in the classrooms in the evenings. Taking a strict note of this, District Magistrate Deepak Aggarwal on Thursday ordered an inquiry and issued directions to check such incidents at other schools in the district, if any.
Shivalak Raj, a teacher at the school told Hindustan Times, "One Saturday evening I saw some local youths drinking liquor in one of the classrooms. I objected to it and told them to leave the school.
This made them furious and they assaulted me. I had to lodge a police complaint.
" Another teacher, Varun Kumar Chaudhary, added, "The boys attacked me when I went to help Raj." Several students of the school have also confirmed that they have seen the youths drinking in the classrooms in the evenings.
One student even brought the beer cans the miscreants had left behind. School Principal Chhote Lal Sharma said, "Several times in the past given I have complaint about anti-social elements roaming on school campus in the evenings and the watchman's inability to check them.
" "The school gate is broken for over six months and the boundary wall at the back is also damaged. There is no check on entry of outsiders into the school premises," he added.

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