Frankfurt Motor Show:2010 CITROEN C3 Unveiled

Citroen has decided to officially reveal the new Citroen C3 months before its scheduled Frankfurt Motor Show debut. The new generation C3 is far more aggressive than previous model which was literally an egg! It is pretty funky as all Citroens are, but because of some nice detailing it looks very elegant, which is a rare treat in the world of small hatchbacks.

As previously mentioned, it appears as though early rumors of a full panoramic glass roof were unfounded. The "Zenith" windshield does in fact extend over the front occupants' heads, but only just to the b-pillar. The company believes occupants will find the Zenith Windscreen very comfortable, as progressive glass helps keep harsh rays out of the cabin. Citroen says they worked hard to guarantee that the car would not have an increase in road noise due to the glass extension. A thin strip of chrome at the top end of the windscreen matches chrome lines seen around the honeycomb grille, and on the side mirrors, door handles, door panels, and trunk.

The old C3 has always been in the shadow of names like Peugeot 207 and Renault Clio and even it’s smaller brother the C2, but the new model seems to have everything it needs to change this. It appeals to both male and female customers. In front, the shape of headlights and that amazing grille are all very aggressive and sporty, while at the back those Boomerang shaped tail lights give it a nice cutesy look. You also get a lot of chrome straps here and there which again, is a very nice touch.

The car's front end is completely redesigned, with a sportier front bumper featuring integrated fog lights. The new rear light cluster is designed rather well, and is a nice step up from the current C3 model. We are still not certain if the entire rear bumper will be painted in the same exterior color of the car, or if the lower section will remain black for all vehicles. Either way, the bumper's new shape is a nice touch.

But the most striking feature of the 2010 Citroen C3 should be the new panoramic windshield called Zenith which is an optional extra. This innovation was first seen in the previous generation of the Opel Astra some years ago. New C3 is also improved inside the cabin, where its extra 8cm length than the old model translates into greater comfort for passengers and bigger luggage space. It is also very well equipped, you even get a full navigation system with RD4 radio and MP3 audio system and USB ports.

In these first photos of the car's interior, we see a very clean design utilizing a two-tone thermo-coated dash and center console that matches the contrasting seats and headliner. The customer can customize the dash a bit by choosing from either a satin grey or glossy brushed aluminum strip mixed with chrome detailing. It appears a CD-radio, climate control, and sat-nav/infotainment unit are the features built into the console. The HiFi system gives the driver a few extra options, thanks to the USB port, iPod jack, and BlueTooth. The covered, recessed gauges feature a pleasing mix of analogue and digital display.

As for the engines, at launch it’ll be available with a 1.6 liter HDi diesel developing 90 hp and CO2 level of only 99g/km, a 1.4 liter VTi petrol with 95 hp, a 1.6 liter petrol with 120 hp and at the top of the range a 110 hp HDi engine. Form 2011 a new range of petrol and diesel engines, plus the Start/Stop system will be added.

The new Citroen C3 will be built in France at the company's facilities in Aulnay and Poissy. The car will be available beginning in November.


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