Artificial Dimples could turn into Disasters

Cosmetic surgeons have warned women against 'designer dimple' surgery following a surge in requests for the controversial procedure.

Inspired by singer Cheryl Cole's dimples, an increasing number of women are opting for Dimpleplasty. There has been an 11 percent increase in interest in the past month.

Dimpleplasty involves making a cut in skin around the mouth and stitching the underside of the skin to a deeper layer to create a small depression.

The suture holding the skin in place dissolves to leave the patient with a permanent scar to maintain the dimple.

However, the doctors have advised not to undergo the procedure.

'As the skin ages and loses elasticity, there is no telling how the scars will look as the face begins to droop - designer dimples could become designer disasters within a matter of years,' heraldsun.com.au quoted a spokesman for plastic surgeons SurgiCare, as saying.

Another disadvantage to the procedure is that natural dimples appear only when a person is smiling, while 'designer dimples' are present on the face permanently.

While most inquiries into the procedure came from women, the firm said 10 percent of requests came from men who wanted to create a chin cleft and two percent from women who wanted to re-create dimples on their lower back that were lost following weight gain.

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  1. I love dimples and always wanted to have them. I think cosmetic surgery in general is a great thing. We can change things that we don’t like. I loved how Heidi Montag’s surgeries turned out and i think she looks stunning now.