Honda's Hatchback Brio unveiled

Honda BRIO Prototype makes World Premiere at the 27th Thailand International Motor Expo 2010. The new hatchback is developed for Asian markets and scheduled to be introduced in India in 2011. 

Honda BRIO further advances Honda’s “man maximum, machine minimum” concept. Being developed as a commuter vehicle which is easy-to-use even in urban areas, the Honda BRIO prototype adopts an easy-to-handle compact body (length 3,610mm x width 1,680mm x height 1,475 mm).

Honda will develop unique versions of the mass production model for India and Thailand to reflect different customer needs in those markets. Moreover, with this vehicle, Honda will utilize local sourcing of parts and materials such as sheet steel. Localisation target is 80%. 

Fuel economy of more than 100km / 5 liters will be targeted to be classified as an "eco car" by the Thai Government.


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