Tata Motors Vista EVX takes top honours at the RAC Future Car Challenge

Tata Motors' battery-powered Indica Vista EVX outshines rivals in two categories in the battle for energy-efficient vehicles of tomorrow.

Developed by Tata Motors' UK technical arm-Tata Motors European Technical Centre (TMETC), the Tata Indica Vista EVX bagged two category wins at the inaugural Royal Automobile Club (RAC) Brighton to London Future Car Challenge. The Tata Indica Vista EVX, which can carry four adults and hit 96km/h in about ten seconds, bagged the top honours in the Economic Small Passenger Electric Vehicle (EV) and the Most Economical and Environment Friendly Small Passenger EV classes, where it trumped competition from bigwigs like SMART, BMW and Mitsubishi.

The Vista EVX finished the 93.3km long drive from Madeira Drive in Brighton to Pall Mall, London at an energy cost of just Rs. 98.73 and in the process it only depleted 36 percent of its lithium-ion phosphate battery capacity, which calculates into an operating range of 257.4km on a single charge translating into a phenomenal plug-to-wheel efficiency figure of 74 kmpl. The Vista EVX will be manufactured in the UK and it is expected to go on sale in Europe sometime in 2011.

The Brighton to London Future Car Challenge has been formulated to help promote and encourage major car-makers showcase their alternative-energy technologies and it is open for electric, hybrid and low emission internal combustion engine vehicles. The vehicles are judged on the basis of their minimum energy impact through the entire drive determining the overall winners in each category. All sorts of vehicles including road-legal models, concepts, development prototypes, and pre-production and production vehicles are allowed to enter the Brighton to London Future Car Challenge in order to promote new or alternative energy technologies.

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